Monday, October 03, 2011

Don’t diss the White Folks. You are going to need them next year!!!

Show me a Hero and I’ll write you a Tragedy.
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Once again, Obama Loyalist and Foot Soldier, PhD. Melissa Harris-Perry has provided her two cents about President Obama’s critics.  Apparently white folks that are disappointed in Obama since electing him in 2008 are now racist.  Go figure???  Who knew that you could turn white folks into bigots within a 3 year timeframe?  I hope Patrick J. Buchanan doesn’t get a hold of that serum or gas or whatever it is that’s turning them.  Harris-Perry attempted to compare the records of the original 1st Black President William Jefferson Clinton and the New 1st Black President Barack H. Obama. She felt that Obama’s record has been more progressive and that he has actually gotten more things done.  What she fails to understand is that the people who had homes in the 90’s are facing foreclosure NOW!  They aren’t looking for a trip down memory lane. They are looking to keep their home.  As Janet Jackson once said "What Have You Done for Me Lately?" 
When Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain tells you he’s blacker than Obama, you know things have gone completely wrong.  Black folks have “Gone off the Reservation” and are increasingly showing their dissatisfaction with Obama.  I know Obama told us to “put on your marching shoes.” But I still haven’t figured out where we are marching to?  Even Congresswoman Maxine Waters has issues with Obama telling blacks to take off their house slippers.  She even claimed that she doesn’t own a pair of house shoes.  Really?  No house slippers or house shoes in a black household?  Someone needs to fact check that!!!!  Obama met with the Latinos last week and told them a completely different story.  He said that “this notion that somehow I can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true." I didn’t hear him telling them to suit up and get ready to march.  He sounded like he was pleading with them to give him a break.  Meanwhile black folks have got to quit complaining and suck it up???  Gay folks can now serve freely in our armed services and they are still upset with Obama.  Are Latino’s and Gay’s racist too???  I think it’s safe to say we can cut white folks some slack….well at least for today. 
If Harris-Perry hasn’t figured it out yet, a lot of folks have fallen out with Obama.  A large part of it has to do with not standing on principles and giving in to the opposition.  But maybe I read that from a fortune cookie somewhere. Obama Loyalists can chastise blacks, liberal whites, gays, latinos, and the youth all they want.  The even can attempt to make them pariahs and turn their own people against them (YES…..I’m talking about you Tom Joyner). But that still doesn’t change the issues that led to the fallout. 
Am I to believe that the issue of unemployment is a faux issue that can be dismissed with “well it was higher when Clinton was in office too?”  Obama came in with higher expectations that he himself promoted and ran on.  He talked a big game when he was running for office and now all you hear are excuses.  The fact that he was a community activist was supposed to mean something.  We finally had a president who understands the plight of the working class and poor.   So why is it inappropriate to now display dissatisfaction with Lawrence Summers (formerly against regulation of the financial industry) having a former prominent role in the White House?  You can’t throw stones at the banking industry without at least grazing Obama. So now that white folks are off the hook, who takes the blame? Should his supporters be blamed for their high expectations?  Or should Obama be blamed because he lowered his expectations?  Meanwhile, I wonder what the real racists are doing while all this back and forth is going on?  


uglyblackjohn said...

He'll be re-elected - just with less excitement.
It looks like it'll come down to him and Herman Cain.

Citizen Ojo said...

uglyblackjohn - Herman Cain? Really? I know he is making some noise but I don't think the Republican establishment has him on their depth chart.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather throw the tea out than drink what the republicans have to offer. No one is perfect, so look at the positive things from Prez O has done and unless you come up with a better candidate, you should encourage people to go out and vote for him.If you continue to discourage folks we will be in bad shape and what will you be saying then?

Ms Scripter said...

Hermain Cain does not have a shot in hell. It will come down to Mitt Rommney and Palin may throw a monkey wrench in the plans and run as an independent, which may hurt Mitt, not sure. Either way his Presidency has been a disappointment, there is no sugar coating this.

Good post CO.

-Ms Scripter

Citizen Ojo said...

Ms Scripter - Thanks for visiting again. Herman Cain is either running a con job or he actually believes he can win. I still don't know which one it is.

Anonymous said...

Seems like someone is listening to Tavis and his side kick. It saddens me that there are Black folks who can't see the forest because of the trees. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the only one we should vote on is Prez O. A No Braino! Try to lift him up rather than tear him down. He gets enough of that from Fox and the fat guy on the radio. Those of us who has lived through prejudice can see the difference between politics and racism - racism they are trying to hide behind plotics. But is sticks out like a sore thumb.