Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Throwing Stones at other people’s God$.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

~ George Bernard Shaw

When I first heard Chuck D, front man for Public Enemy, say “Is your lord a god. Or is your god a dog?” I almost fell out of my seat.  Wow!!!  What prophetic words!!! Chuck D was asking you a very serious question with that chorus to his song.  Is the God that you serve a false God? 

Well move over Tea Party, there is a new movement in town.  The Occupy Wall Street Movement has taken the country by storm. Ground Zero for the movement started at the financial district of New York but it has spread to different cities.  The group that is involved in this movement calls themselves the 99%.  No, not the 99, and not this 99% but this 99%.  Who knew that 99% was a popular number?

Side Note:  I hate math so if it was my movement it would not be a fraction.

Because this movement is taking aim at America’s Financial Institution it has taken on great criticism.  There are people pissed off that these dirty hippies have invaded Wall Street.  And that they are unorganized and do not have some ready-made list of demands.  This movement is getting shade because the 99% are going after other peoples’ Gods.  Capitalism in this country is worshiped like Christianity.  And you know how “us” Christian’s get when people talk about sweet baby Jesus.   The 99% are hitting people where they hurt and they don’t like it.  Anytime you bad mouth capitalism you set yourself up for harsh criticism.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Next time you see someone bashing the Occupy Wall Street Movement take a look at their background.  What ties do they have to Wall Street?
One of the good things about being an independent thinker is that you can make your own decisions.  I’m not bound by Democrat or Republican Thinking.  Whether you want to call it rich folks bashing or wealthy white men hating, it’s obvious that people are mad.  And that they are mad enough to do something about it. 
The middle class is shrinking in America and it’s not a big secret. People know something is wrong when their 79 year old grandmother still has to work to eat.  They also know something is wrong when they haven’t had a raise in 5 years.  They have watched their jobs go to foreign countries and their medical insurance increase.  To try to play the public as if they are stupid is the wrong move.  I remember when the Tea Party was belittled and called a fringe group.  Now they influence public policy – go figure.  I don’t know where this movement is going but I’m not dumb enough to sleep on it. 


Ms Scripter said...

This movement is very mysterious, because since they do not have a public leader I am wondering how far they are going to go. I will not sleep on them though, They already stressing out the NYPD to the tune of 3 million dollars, that could have help the teacher's aids that were just recently laid off. I am rooting for them to make changes to policy, new legislation, you name it. I want the banks to be the first one on the list of being regulated. We bail these suckers out and they hit us with $5.00 fees for using our debit. Enough is enough! I'm just hoping this movement can continue on even when it is cold and brittle outside....until our Government cries "Uncle".

Citizen Ojo said...

Ms Scripter - Reforming the Banks is going to be a tough task because the same people that have the power to reform the financial rules take money from the banks. A dog doesn't bite his master's hand, especially when he is eating the master's scraps and living under the master's roof.

Val said...

Hi CO!

I'm really not feeling the 99% folks right now. That movement is a little too lily White for me. I however do agree with much of what they say. I just won't be marching along with them.

Also, I'm back! I have a new blog! Stop by soon, CO.

Constructive Feedback said...

My Dear Friend Ojo - how are you my brother? Long time no hear from.

I have some points of amplification for you per your post.

If you think that a 70-something adult still has to work in order to eat is a shame - just image all of the hundreds of millions around the world that don't work AND don't have ample foot to access if they could find work? Not to mention the people who die long before that age for the same reason.

The Occupation is a left-wing grab bag with various agendas seeking to converge.

In Atlanta the "Fight The Power Blacks" are seeking to latch on and make it into a 'Black Thing'.
Ironically the Black mayor that they hoisted into power 2 years ago BECAUSE they feared that the streak of Black mayors would be broken now has them calling for a "recall" because he chose to not look past the laws against "urban camping". This in the same park that the law was implemented in to keep the 99% Black homeless population from sleeping there.

At the end of it all these Occupiers are going to cause a greater economic slowdown than the Tea Party forces that held out till the last minute on the Debt Deal with Obama were accused of causing.

Fear not - our priorities and interests will force us all to CLARIFY who's "side" we stand on.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - Direct me to your new spot asap!!!

CF - Long time no hear from. Where have you been? I've got to hear your thoughts on Herman Cain.

Val said...

Just click on my name, CO.