Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How one of the best modern day soul singers is blowing his life away….literally!!!

This past weekend R&B singer D’Angelo was knocked by the cops for soliciting a prostitute for oral sex.

Side Note: How does a man go from getting it for free to paying $40 dollars for it?.....But I digress.

The prostitute was an undercover policewoman for the New York City police department. What was D’Angelo doing in NYC anyway? I thought he would have been on probation from his previous troubles with the law i.e. marijuana possession and a DUI. Why does this man keep getting into trouble? Why can’t he put out a classic like his first two albums? This is frustrating as an admirer of his work. I was listening to his first album “Brown Sugar” when no one else knew who this cat was. It was extra special because we are both from Virginia. His success was a source of pride for folks in the state. Even Citizen Daddy was rocking D’Angelo’s music in his car. I swore to anybody that would listen that D’Angelo was going to change the game!!! Then something happened. I don’t know but after his second album things went haywire. Why are all the talented musicians crazy as cat dookie??? Rick James, Ike Turner, and yes even R Kelly (He who wears a mask in public). If they aren’t locking up women in their basement, they are beating and pissing on them. Apparently D’Angelo has decided to take all the abuse out on himself. In the process, we are possibly losing what would have been a musical legend. This dude needs help. Even if he doesn’t want to save his career, I hope he at least attempts to save himself.


Val said...

I had know idea he used to be married to Jill Scott until recently.

Considering the people you mention and the stuff they've done soliciting a prostitute isn't that bad.

He had twelve grand in the car with him so at least he's not broke.

tsboddy said...

@ val...thought he was with angie stone, not jill

anyway, ain't now telling what happened to the man. heard rumors of substance abuse. whatever happened dude was walking around looking like ODB for a minute...all big and ish.

he might be one of those tragic cats who never really gets his act together...

Val said...

Opps, lol. Okay I meant Angie Stone.

Tiffany said...

Man I miss him, I might have to download a few of his cuts. I didn't even realize that I didn't have them till now.


Nik said...

I was reading chatting on facebook with a fellow blogger about this.

I wondered the same thing as you, how does he go from smooth D'angelo who could get it for free all day every day, to this?!

Sad. Such a waste of God given talents. I hope he gets some help and a wake-up call.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - I know that Jill Scott wasn't with him because she was with me..a brother can dream right??

tsboddy - If he was on drugs how did he get so big. I thought tack heads were skinny??

OneChele - Cyber Cuz, Usually the soph album is the one that sucks but his game got better. After beating the Sophomore Jinx he could only go up. But maybe I'm biased.

Redbonegirl97 - whatever you get it's all classics..

Nik - I'm glad I wasn't the only person that thought that. It boggles the mind....

tsboddy said...

@ citizen ojo
i guess whatever dude was on gave him the munchies...LOL

i always wonder, is it the game that really catches people up or are there some unresolved life issues that rear their ugly heads once they get in the industry. sad no matter how you look at it...

Reggie said...

I ain't mad at the brother, but I just don't understand why he'd risk a STD over some head.

Do hookers carry dental dams?!?

Citizen Ojo said...

tsboddy - Money lets you be who you want to be. Then throw in the fact that if you already have problems.. mental, emotional, drugs, it makes things worst.

Reggie - Dental Damns...ha ha ha