Monday, March 08, 2010

How they had me messed up in the Game!! But I’m back…………….

We had internet problems in the Citizen Household last week so I was out of commission. The Blog and IPod were down. It was horrible!!! When you don’t have internet access you realize how much of an internet crack head you are. I must have looked like Pookie on New Jack City…ashy lips and all. Sure I could have stopped by the public library (until the city decides to close it down due to budget cuts) but I do my best work at home. Besides the library is full of children and unemployed folk and they are all using the internet. The wait time is the equivalent to trying to see your primary physician (without health insurance)!!!

Something else happened last week that took me off guard. I had to defend myself on Twitter in regards to Sexism and Black Male Privilege. A black female follower on Twitter fell out with me over something so ignorant that I’m ashamed to talk about it. Apparently she had beef with a black male Blogger that I’m cool with and because of me mentioning their names in the same sentence I was labeled a sexist pig. Later on I found out that they previously had a run in and had exchanged words (mind you all of this was on the internet). This is a new kind of BEEF!! No guns or knives, just exchanging words with the typing of the keys. My former follower wouldn’t even hear my side of the story because she was so mad. The real problem with all of this…….my former follower is a Minister!!!! Am I going to Hell because of this??? Beats the Hell out of me??? Anyway, that whole ordeal really got to me because I’m a nice dude but it seems that still equals sexist pig on the internet. If you disagree with a female it could lead to being banned or having your name cursed in the streets.

Black Women are so mad at Black Men that our conversations are littered with poisonous words that can’t ever be taken back. We fight over who has the man’s boot on their neck the most….really?? In the Discrimination Olympics, I wonder who is really keeping score? I grew up in a house where Black Women were revered. I was taught that men and women were teammates - in it together. Where did this I’m out for myself attitude come from? I’m not trying to hold anyone back but I want to point out that there is no “I” in TEAM. We now have books out that make black women comfortable about dating outside their race. Is it that serious?? Can’t a black woman marry a non-black man and still want to get along with her black brothers? I don’t care who black women marry but don’t believe the hype by the mainstream media. Every time you open a paper or click on a news website it’s the same gloom and doom story regarding “Black Love.” You would think that President Obama was the last black man left on earth. I have to keep pinching myself just to make sure I’m not dead. But if I am dead, please tell Citizen Wifey that trash day is on Monday!!!

I’m from the school of “just because you don’t see them chasing you, don’t stop running.” I believe that with black folks arguing over foolishness (A Larger Plot Driven by Forces Bigger Than us) we are missing out on the bigger issues. Issues such as Education, Healthcare, Affordable Housing and Jobs are the things we need to be fighting about. I know that there are some bad men out here. But on the same side of the coin there are some bad women. For every Tyrone, Kevon and Malik that did a lady wrong – there is a MiKeisha, LeKeisha, and TerKeisha that did some dude wrong. Heartbreak doesn’t play favorites!!! If I had of let my pre-college experience with black women shape and mold me, I would be a lot different. I would have married a woman so white that she would be translucent! Relationships (whether intimate or platonic) are like riding bicycles. You fall off and you get back on because eventually you will learn to ride (i.e. getting along with the person). To my former follower on Twitter, I hope you get back on your bike again and join me.


Redbonegirl97 said...

Wow seems like you had a lot of drama over probably a lot of none sense. I have to keep reminding folks that the communication that is done over the internet is meerly my opinion and I am not judging anyone. I am like ok you unfollowed me, I am going to cry my eyes out, lol. Yeah, right.


msladydeborah said...

I think that I might know who is involved in this story. That is neither here or there.

I agree with you about focusing on what is important to us in an at large sense. There are far more important things to discuss, unite and fall out over.

Citizen Ojo said...

Redbonegirl97 - nonsense is could have all been settled through conversation but that would have been to easy.

OneChele - my internet cousin.. sniff sniff.. you trying to make me cry...ha ha ha

msladydeborah - Thank you. I wish more people saw the bigger picture.

RainaHavock said...

It's really ridiculous to do this. I mean their are some people who like Bloggers I can't STAND but I don't shun them because they happen to be cool with them. Lord these Blogs beefs are crazy but don't worry man I got your back like you got mine. :)

Citizen Ojo said...

RainaHavock - Lil Sis, don't get to close to me because you might get blocked too.

RainaHavock said...

@Citizen: I doubt it. I know this game and how to play it. :)