Monday, November 17, 2008

This Abraham Lincoln "Team of Rivals" stuff sucks!!!!

I am getting ready to commit a cardinal sin and question President Elect Obama’s judgment. This is not going to go over well with black folks, but I mean no disrespect. I have questioned Obama before and he has always proved me wrong, but this time I am scratching my head.
Joe “turncoat Lieberman betrayed Obama and his party during the Presidential Election. He never missed an opportunity to stab Obama in his back. “Lie”berman would speak disparagingly about Obama in front of Republican crowds. This is the same douche bag that was running for vice president as a Democrat. Instead of Obama keeping him as chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, he should boot his behind. I wouldn’t let him chair the small business and entrepreneurship Committee.

I know Obama likes reading about the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. I know they both have roots in Illinois. I know they both are tall. I know that they both have black in them, but damn man… Hillary Clinton as secretary of state!!!! Was Condoleezza Rice that bad??? How did we get back to this? Why won’t she just get on her broomstick and fly away? This woman used the race card on Obama. That’s an automatic “hate on you” yellow card to throw at her. What other books on United States Presidents is he reading? Might I recommend “Lincoln Unmasked” by Thomas J. Dilorenzo. You will know it’s the right book because on the front it says “What you’re not supposed to know about Dishonest Abe.

These people tried to discredit and disgrace him. He must be the pillar of forgiveness. Enemies are to be vanquished. That’s what you do to them. You take them out with the quickness and efficiency of a ninja. You don’t keep them lying around plotting to take you down. UNLESS…Obama is reading “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. If he is trying to keep his eyes and hands on his enemies that would make me feel better. For the life of me, I don’t know why Obama would want Bill and Hillary, white America’s Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, involved in helping him run the country.

Why is it so difficult figuring this guy out? He is unlike any other brotha I have ever met. I rack my brain everyday trying to figure out his next move. If someone can explain his motives to me, please let me know. Until then, this "Team of Rivals" stuff sucks!!!!


uglyblackjohn said...

Maybe he knows something about Hilary that will not allow her to be confirmed. He would then be held blameless while taking out a rival.

Debo Blue said...

I think he might want Hilary because of her background and experience but you're right, "you dance with the people who brought you to the party" and until the final round, Hil and Bill had it out for the brother.

Your site has taught me something-to never read while chewing food! I'm over here giggling while trying not to choke:-)

Citizen Ojo said...

Debo - oh no don't choke!!! I fully understand if you blame it on the Clintons for making you choke.

Ugly Black John - With all these Clinton folks who gets credit for his success. Will the next democrat be able to place Obama folks on their team or will they go back to Clinton folks? The Clinton folks won't live forever.

NCCU Alumni said...

I actually think that this was a smart move on his part. She still has star appeal with white folks who were looking for a reason NOT to vote for him. This pick also allows Obama to contain her future to prevent her from running in 2012. How would it look if she left her post as Sec. of State and then run in 2012? That would be career suicide. Obama will dictate the Foreign policies anyway, so she can be controlled. They can also revert back to the start appeal that Bill has!

Professor Tracey said...

Preach! I questioned this as well.
Stop reading stuff where black folks are still slaves!