Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Country for Educated Men

"I admit it. I want a thug around the edges. Something about their swagger gets me all hot and bothered. Stick up their behind men bore the hell out of me. I think the more education you have the less you know how to have fun. I want a man who will stick up for me, not run if someone says some foolishness to me or grabs my ass in the club. What happened to all the real dudes standing up for their women? I will take a thug over a coward in a suit anyday."
~ RideOrDie

Credit: the title post "Every Good Woman Needs A Thug?" from the blog The P.O.S.H. Life

Obama is president elect and women are still saying this? I’m having flashbacks to my freshmen year of college. I remember how girls would run behind the roughest dudes in school. Then when they graduated, (i.e. wanting marriage, kids etc), it was time to look for a responsible man. I guess it’s hard raising a family when your man is in the street. If Lil Wayne was running for president, would he have won the 2008 election? White folks would have voted 97% for McCain. The 3% are the white kids that think they are black. We have an education crisis in our inner cities and this woman wants a thug? That’s what we have in our schools already!!! Come on lady…. Really???


dg said...

So she wants someone who will stand up for her.

Interestingly, Barack DID stand up for his wife. He infamously said, "lay off my wife" to the media 'or else'... And respectfully, they did back off. Tell your girl at Posh to youtube the phrase "lay off my wife obama" to see a non-thug stand up for his woman.

Barack embodies more than 50 cent. 50 isn't 'real' - it's a fictitious character created to sell records. Real men (of any race) are both educated and protectors of their family.

One day, we can only hope that she will see through the facade of fictitious thuggism, and how THAT does NOT represent the REAL Black man in America.

uglyblackjohn said...

I wonder if she goes to church. David was a poet, scholar, warrior and king. Constantine, Alexander and Hannibal all understood WHEN to fight and when to just walk away. Many of these women have probably never had a good example of this "warrior-scholar". Many have probably not known their dads in any real sense.
It's the mentality that keeps the hood "The Hood".

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she is married? That comment was made by a stupid woman or perhaps a woman who does not know a good man if he looked her in the face. How sad,in the 21 century.

comment by a woman who knows the shape, size, character and definition of a good man