Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Babbling Bush King of Toastmasters

~ conservative blogger John Hinderaker advice to President Elect Barack Obama

The Republicans got their heads handed to them on Nov 4th but they still keep talking. You think after they got mauled on both coasts and the Midwest, they would go somewhere and sit down. Nope! Not these clowns. They keep talking and talking and talking. Some dim wit Georgia Congressman named Paul Broun called Obama a Marxist today. Newsflash to Paul Broun….you are 1week late. Obama won the election. You are probably like Sarah Palin and don’t read anything in print. Are the words to big for you Mr. Broun?????

I digress………….I’m not going to blow him up tonight because I’m focused on this loon of a blogger. This fool actually thinks that President Bush is a good public speaker. This idiot must be deaf? Bush couldn’t talk his way out of a paper bag. Every time he opens his mouth, he proves that you don’t have to attend an Ivy League school to be successful. A professor in constitutional law needs speaking lessons from a C Average student?
It would have to be a black man that someone would step to like this. Let me not mix words so you won’t be guessing. If Obama was white, he wouldn’t have attempted to give him advice like this. Yeah I said it!!!!!! This man must be out of his damn mind!!!!

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Anonymous said...

it's difficult to hide prejudice. On the other hand, he who knows not that he knows is foolish. The nuts, prejudice, and stupid people have come stumbled out of the closet. Lets not elect them for anything the next go round.