Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Of course Charlie Sheen is Winning!!!

Success is the strongest intoxicant America legally supplies ~ Jason Whitlock

Charlie "The Messiah of Malibu", Sheen, former star of the television show “Two and a Half Men”, was recently fired let go from his 1 million plus dollar job. Sheen was essentially making money playing a caricature of how he is in real life. Duh!! It ain’t “The Tragedy of Hamlet” people!!! Last week we were witness to the madness or genius, depending on who you are, of Sheen. CBS/Warner Brothers made Sheen the highest paid actor in a comedy series. Dude doesn’t even do standup outside of t.v. I’ve never seen him on Def Jam or The Comedy Channel. Sheen’s private demons have been public for awhile (too many to name so just Google Charlie Sheen). One of the reasons CBS/Warner Brothers put a halt on his latest foolishness was because of his diss on “Two and a Half Men” producer Chuck Lorre.

Side Note: General Rule in Hollywood, you can’t talk about Jews and Gays. Chuck Lorre is of Jewish decent.

So with Sheen being out of work and gaining new legions of fans, how is he winning??

Minorities and individuals from low income neighborhoods have been arrested for having less than an ounce of weed. And Sheen is a known drug user and he keeps getting a pass.

Individuals solicit prostitutes are arrested for just asking how much for a “Blow Job”. But Sheen keeps associating with prostitutesREPEATEDLY associating with them.

Black actor Isaiah Washington called one of his former co-workers a Faggot back in 2007 (Notice I Said Former Co-Worker) and he was kicked off “Grey’s Anatomy”. Washington was last seen on the failed reboot of “Bionic Woman” in 2007. Have you seen him since? Sheen is on radio, television, the internet….his Tweets on Twitter or even sponsored now!!!

Side Note: *Side Eye* to Shondra Rhimes for letting other people run her business!!!!

So compared to most people in America that fall below the poverty line or are middle class. Sheen is winning!!! Hell, he even beats out his peers in Hollywood in winning (well of course his minority peers)!!! Maybe it’s because of his complexion for the connection or just dumb luck. But so far, Sheen is Winning!!!


Reggie said...

Pathetic ain't it?!?

Citizen Ojo said...

Reggie - ha ha.. welcome to America!!

Anna Renee said...

He's dripping in Tiger's blood! He's got high priest vatican assasin warlocks and ish guiding his mind!
If he blinks his left eye, he wins!

Although he SOUNDS like a madman, he's not lying about anything, if money and fame (or infamy) is the measurement. After all they paid him 1.8 million dollars an EPISODE! Playing the part of a "man-whore". Two and half men was just a Sheen reality show.

I'm thinking that the reality of this "winning" by acting like a jackass was not lost on Sheen and it caused him to lose his mind, the irony of having all of this, just because he's white.

Citizen Ojo said...

Anna Renee - There is alittle bit of common sense in that man somewhere. Now the "Tiger Blood" "Warlock" stuff..I dunno... ha ha ha

theuppitynegro said...

As I said on Average Bro's piece over on Black Voices, I think he's "winning" because as long as he was making money for someone, they'd put up with his antics. Anything that you do that puts your earning power in jeopardy results in you being let go.

I think this was evidenced in R. Kelly. His foolishness didn't cause him to lose fans, so folks endured it.

It's the American way.

Citizen Ojo said...

theuppitynegro- it's the same reason they let these folks get on VH1 and Bravo with their reality shows. As long as someone is watching they will be showing.