Monday, March 07, 2011

And I thought this was a myth!!!!


uglyblackjohn said...

Did they ever catch on?
How much did they cost?

Citizen Ojo said...

uglyblackjohn - They say it's sold up North (New England). Sometimes McDonalds only sells regional foods. I remember stopping thru Delaware and having a McPizza. Tasted like a better version of a Hot Pocket. Haven't heard of it since.

theuppitynegro said...

Yeah, McDonalds is king/queen of the regional foods. Some McDonalds serve grits, and remember sweet tea in McDonalds was initially tried out in the southern U.S. But I came across someone's blog and really McDonalds has done a good job of catering regionally and internationally to certain tastes around the world. Not to mention, with enough of a healthy food push, McDonalds HAD to do something to diversify their menu to stay competitive.

Now the McLobster just sounds outta control. Y'all can have that!