Monday, January 10, 2011

When Rhetoric becomes Reality: The Cold Blooded Shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

“We serve who walks into our office and we don’t even ask what party they belong to.”

~ Gabe Zimmerman, Congresswoman Giffords 30-year-old communications outreach director - Zimmerman one of the victims of the Arizona Shooting on Saturday.

This past weekend a home grown terrorist unleashed his fury in Arizona. The terrorist walked up to Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and shot her point blank range in the head. He also killed 6 other people including a 9 year old child. And let’s not forget the 13 people that were taken to the hospital for various shooting injuries. A Federal Judge, one of the victims of this terrorist attack, had received death threats in the past. In 2009, he had received death threats over a $32 million civil rights lawsuit filed by illegal immigrants against an Arizona Farmer. Oh Uh! Illegal Aliens have rights?? Not in Arizona!!!! They build fences to keep out that kinda stuff…

The terrorist, Jared Lee Loughner, is being described as someone with a “mental issue.” Unlike when people in “The Hood” are murdered, it’s because of cold blooded animals and not people with mental defects. But I’m not a Psychologist so don’t take my opinion. I just follow the facts:

A classmate that went to school with Loughner said that he was very interested in politics and was unimpressed with Giffords.

It is confirmed that Loughner was invited to attend an event with Giffords after corresponding with her staff.

Videos that he posted on YouTube show his deep distrust of the government and religion and described America’s laws a “TREASONOUS.”

TREASONOUS??? Where have we heard that word before?

Is Obama committing Treason by advancing the cause of the Mexican takeover of the American Southwest?

We aren’t done with you yet Obama – you disloyal Manchurian African Socialist.

Now how did Sarah Palin get mixed up in all of this? Gifford voted on the healthcare bill that the Republican’s refer to as “Obamacare.” Because of that she was put on Sarah "Don't retreat; reload" Palin’s Take Back the 20 List. This list aimed (and I mean that literally) at knocking off 20 Democrats who voted for Obamacare in GOP-leaning districts. The GOP-leaning districts were designated by sniper crosshairs (that is the map that is shown above).

So if you take a deranged young man, who is possibly linked to an anti immigration group. Convince him that the Government is involved in treason and they support illegal immigrants. Wait for it….wait for it and use rhetoric involving guns and solving problems by force. You have the recipe for a Home Grown Terrorist!!!!

Now I know people (mostly on the right side of the aisle) will accuse me of attacking Palin. As I said numerous times on this blog – I’m an Independent. I don’t like the Republicans or the Democrats. But I know something is obvious when I see it. If Palin didn’t think she had any responsibility for this shooting, why was her “Take Back the 20 List” taken down off the internet? I also know that people (mostly on the right side of the aisle) will say this wasn’t a politically motivated shooting. LIES!!! What more proof do you need??? It doesn’t make sense to pretend that our current political climate didn’t cause this. The time for denial is over!!!!

Unlike many of my fellow Americans I’m not shocked that this happened. It’s not normal for a U.S. Congresswoman to be shot outside of Safeway. But we aren’t living in normal times. People are scared about the present and afraid of the future. Using Rhetoric that whips them into a frenzy isn’t helpful. It does nothing to solve problems or to create unity. It’s an excuse for people to take sides and disagree with anyone that doesn’t agree with them. For the individuals out here that are suffering from mental issues it’s worse. It plays into their irrational fears and anxieties. Thus creating a delusional world based on falsehoods that only they live in. Our words can be used as weapons or tools to build. We have the power to create the world we want to live in. We can live in a world of civility or watch the decline into civil unrest. Which world do you choose?

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