Monday, January 24, 2011

Joe “Benedict Arnold” Lieberman’s last Soliloquy…

Senator Joe Lieberman is going out the door lying. But I wouldn’t expect him to do anything less. He wants you to believe that he served his time and is ready to move on. LIES!! He is one of the reasons why I don’t associate with any political party. Either you stand for something or nothing at all (yes, I’m talking about you too Senator Arlen Specter).

Lieberman has been upset that the Democrats didn’t give him carte blanche when running for president in 2004. I guess he thought because he was the Vice Presidential Nominee in 2000 he was owed something. But for him to turn around and kick it with the same party that caused him to lose in 2000….well that is some Whitney Houston type stuff. Lieberman is a man without an island. The Democrats hate him and the Republicans don’t trust him. He miraculously became an independent in 2006 when he couldn’t win the Democratic Party Primary. And ever since then he has been sticking it to the Democrats. And because they put up with his shenanigans they deserve every bit of Hell he gives.

But not everyone has decided to bend over and take whatever Lieberman gives out. Apparently people are starting to wise up and have decided that they are going to give him Hell. Lieberman’s number one nemesis is Markos Moulitsas, founder of the liberal blog Daily Kos, a liberal blogger and general pain in the behind to all Republicans. The liberal grassroots organization that Lieberman would have faced for his 2012 reelection would have been fierce. The truth is he is leaving office a disgraced man. He has lost the confidence of the people that voted for him and the Democratic Party he still caucuses with. Stop telling those lies going out the door and just go.

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