Monday, March 29, 2010

When doing the Devil's bidding just isn’t good enough.

"I've never seen Buckwheat as a disparaging character. People love Buckwheat." ~ Corey Poitier

Another case of Black on Black Crime was reported last week down in South Florida. Some dude named Corey Poitier, who is running to represent Florida’s 17th Congressional District, referred to President Obama as Buckwheat. I called him “some dude” because he doesn’t even have a website. I looked hard and long and I couldn’t find any electronic traces of one. All this cat has is a twitter address and a blog. I got a twitter address and a blog!?! How are you running for congress with no website game? How do you put an election banner on your blog and call yourself an official politician? He must have decided to run on some drunken bet by his boys. Poitier, an Economics Teacher in Dade County, was apparently ill prepared for a task of this magnitude. I checked out some tidbits from his platform (below) he is running on and I’ve got bad news for him.

Illegal Immigration: I believe that our immigration laws should be enforced and that there should be no amnesty for those who have entered this country illegally.

Global Warming: I do not believe in man-made Global Warming. I believe that the earth is alive and warms and cools itself at will.

Um……living in Florida he better change his stance on Illegal Immigration. He sounds like he doesn’t live near a large percentage of Latinos. I guess North Miami looks like Wyoming in the Spring? I need people that don’t believe in Global Warming to have some type of documentation (i.e. charts, graphs, figures, an Etch A Sketch…something that backs up your belief. I’m not biased but I saw Al Gore’s movie and he made a good case for Global Warming. Mr. Poitier just says it and it makes it so??

Poitier has his work cut out for him because Florida’s 17th Congressional District usually votes Democratic during Presidential Elections. Oh, did I forget to mention that Poitier is a Republican.

I understand that Poitier wants to look good for his team but swinging on Obama like that is a miscalculation on his part. It might help him at the Florida Republican Cook Out but from the Districts voting history it might not help him with votes. He needs to run as a Moderate Republican if he wants to be taken seriously. Why? Because the Republican’s are looking crazier than crack head’s ice skating. You have Senator John McCain needing Sarah Palin’s help to keep his job (oh how the mighty have fallen!!). Batman never needed Robin to keep his name “Hot” in the streets. You have David Frum getting the axe at his place of employment for speaking out of turn. And Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is still talking loud and saying nothing. I thought the Republicans would eventually get tired of him and run him out of office but I guess they’ll wait until his tenure ends. The Republican’s problem is that the Far Right has got this political party by the throat and they won’t let up. It’s unfortunate because it means that we can’t have a spirited debate based on common sense. All we are left with is scare tactics and a bunch of red faced white folks calling black politicians names. And still no one can tell me what this behavior has to do with Healthcare?

So when I hear about Poitier getting in on the action by taking swipes at Obama, I can only hold my head in shame. It was worse when he tried to explain it away with something a 6th grader would say. Poitier of all people should know how rhetoric can whip people into doing callous acts. Let us not forget the assassinations of our former Presidents, Presidential Candidates and Civil Rights Leaders. When he calls Obama Buckwheat he is aligning himself with the same people that don’t acknowledge him as America’s leader. These are the same people that will possibly do anything to unseat him. Buckwheat, although a character in a children’s t.v. show, was a controversial figure. Buckwheat was originally a she and the character can only be physically described as a “pickaninny.” Old posters showing the black kids in the show accentuated their features by giving them big red lips. The blacks on the show say that they didn’t feel discriminated against so I have to take their word. And sure the episodes might be funny to some people but the imagery is still what it is. Regardless of what side you fall on, it was a poor decision by Poitier.

So with great dishonor and sadness I award Corey Poitier with the “Slave Catcher of the Month Award.” He has earned this for attempting to score points with people that call him “Buckwheat” when his back is turned. For this month I couldn’t think of a better recipient.


msladyDeborah said...

You forgot to add that he defined Buckwheat as meaning "dummy". It would have helped him immensely to look up what buckwheat really is-a plant that is used to produce a dark colored flour. So he is the oxymoron in this case. Since it was obvious that he had no clue where the name actually comes from.

I ain't got no holla for the Little Rascals. Which was a staple when I was growing up for networks that didn't have developed children programming. I walked out of a free movie day at the MLK Branch of our library system because a Little Rascals film was shown and it was about an African who was ofcourse a cannibal. I made my class get up and we went out of the room. I went to the head of the branch and filed a formal complaint about the film. I was angry because the movies were "selected" for our children to see. No. That could not be possible since we teach our children to be proud of their African roots.

Buckwheat would be a special needs child today. Especially since his speech patterns are so darn infentile in nature. We wouldn't find him to be funny because he represents everything about imagery that we don't like.

I don't know what is on the mind of this particular politician. But if he is not going to come across as educated and with a platform, there is no need for the people in his district to elect him into office.

Citizen Ojo said...

msladydeborah - The Library falling down on the job...damn!! Interesting observation about what Buckwheat would be like if he were a child circa 2010. I would like to hear more about it. There is something for you to pull out of that for a post on your blog. #imjustsaying

Val said...

There have always been people like this guy. People who are willing to sell out for a little shine.

And regarding the Little Rascals; was that any worse than a Tyler Perry sitcom? I doubt it.

Tiffany said...

I had to stop at the beginning because I already know any idiot that would call the President, Buckwheat, is a a**hole.


Citizen Ojo said...

Val - Tyler Perry and Little Rascals? Wow that is a blog post.

Redbonegirl97 - ha ha ha!!!! you are funny to me.