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To kick off Black History Month I’ve invited a special guest to The Desultory Life and Times. He is one of the most entertaining bloggers in the game. He also was a 2009 nominee in the category of Best Political/News Blog for the BLACK WEBLOG AWARDS. When he is not fighting the power he is blogging over @ The Intersection of Madness and Reality. Ladies and Gentlemen without further ado - Rippa.

The cool thing to me about black history is the pictures. Everywhere you go you'll find pictures of black people at their most majestic. Black history month photos are always so serious. The black person never looks into the camera. They're always looking off to the side with this look of pain and struggle in their face. Don't get me wrong, they're very inspiring photos but I'm kind of tired of the same photos every February. You're telling me out of all the photos you have of Malcolm X the only ones you can find are when he's pissed and ready to punch people in the face?

That's why I love Barak Obama. You can find serious pics of Obama if you dig deep enough on the Internet but you'll find an equal amount of happy pics. I'm sure that If I dig deep enough on the Internet I could find a pic of Barak Obama at someone's family reunion playing spades and drinking a 40oz and eating pork rhines. One could argue that the times are different and that Obama has a lot more to smile about than his predecessors but either way it's great to see pictures of a man who's out to change the world without looking like he's carrying the weight of it on his shoulders.

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But for every picture we see of black people at their best…somewhere on the Internet is a pic of black people at their worst. It's unfortunate but these pics exists, trust me. I've seen plenty of them during my time spent online. They sad part is that so many of these pictures involve black women.

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Have you seen how black women of the civil rights movement are portrayed? Emotional pillars upon which their men could rely for support during the struggle. Women not afraid to step up when history came-a-knocking. You see pictures of great black women like that and it makes you not want to let them down. It makes you want to continue what it was they started. It makes you realize that the black woman is beautiful and not meant to be demeaned or disrespected.

And then you come across this....

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To the naked eye this seems like a harmless pic of some chick from Myspace taking a picture of herself right?

Look again.

Look closer.

Did you look in the toilet?

Now I've written blogs before about how people on the internet take pictures of themselves and their house is all junky in the background. This pic takes that to another level. You might think that I'm a hater because she's cute, but I'm sorry, people like this should be exposed. Here's the truly troubling part of this picture…there's no toilet tissue in the bowl. What picture is so important that you can't wipe your stankin ass before taking the pic?

This chick jumped up off the toilet to take this pic. I guess the dude wanted to see her that bad. Maybe it's a pic from a turd fetish website, who knows. It kinda makes you wonder about all these chicks with sexy pics online. I can't help it, but from now everytime I see a sexy pic of a lady online, I'll have to wonder if she wiped her ass. This pic is so hilarious I'm tempted to start a fake MySpace profile with this girl's pic just to see how many men would be willing to holla at Sheila McShitstain. After all, she is a black history month legend right?

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SIDENOTE: The Black woman is a strong woman that dont need no man to do shit for her and even during the Civil Rights movements black women stood alone and led the fight for justice whithout the help of a man and if they were present then they walked side by side with their male counterparts. Black women in the civil rights movement could pay their own bills, buy their own house and drive their own car and they don't need no sorry ass man who uses Jim Crow laws, German Shepard bites, and fire hoses as an excuse to not bring home some money. For me to suggest that black women were only present in the civil rights movement when black men need a back rub or a warm pot of gumbo is wrong and chauvenistic. How dare I suggest that they were no different than the independent Black woman of today.

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P.S. - If any of you are offended or pissed because of this post its because you've failed to see the sincerity in my sarcasm. Please go home sip on a warm cup of bleach...with a lemon.


P.rofessional H.ater D.egree said...

I hated you so much that I actually came back to tell you that. I took some time off to see if it could be done but like an addict, jonesing for his next ride on the brown carpet...I came back for more.

First off, Happy Negro My-story Month. And don't be offended, "Negro" is actually a classification on this years Census. LOL Too bad "Skeezer", "Hot Ghetto Mess", "Barbie", "Goblin" and "Goon" are not...I'm quite sure a few people would qualify for those spots as well.

Anyhow, the Internet has ruined much more than your precious history. It has ruined my credit [internet scams], my relationship [Facebook], and my driving record [texting/Twitter].

One thing Negro's need to understand is that shame once existed. The people that held the banner for truth, justice and civil rights also didn't want to be seen compromising the cause. They were so concious of shaming the cause or themselves that they understood the power of imagery.

Classic example: MLK smoked cigarettes. Yet, you would be hard pressed to find a pic of him taking a drag and cutting Andy Young [the real A.Y., not this snitch A.Y. that is killing John Edwards in the press] a short. He understood what that image would do to young Negro children.

The kids these days have no clue what it means to be an image model. A person of character. So they put out whatever they want and I hate it.

So you can blame the internet, but I blame the parents. I also blame the camera phone. Now every idiot can be Gordon Parks with the push of a button.

I hate, I hate some more. And I hate you so much, I came back for more. You should be smiling.

Reggie said...

Excellent post and be advised, I appreciate the sarcasm involved in this post.

Anonymous said...

Ohmydamn, the sarcasm in this post! I love it. No other way to put it except "preach" "real talk" and all of that.

Val said...

I agree with you but I also think there are some pretty glaring examples of Black men "actin' a fool" on the internets as well.

Citizen Ojo said...

P.H.D. - Where have you been?? I haven't been hated on in a month. Step your game up. I get my Andrew Youngs mixed up. So thanks for clarification.

Reggie - Glad you enjoyed, tip Rippa next time you see him.

labellanoire - Glad you enjoyed. I thought Rippa would kick BHM off right.

Val - You are correct. I'm just as ashamed of them as well.

Debo Blue said...

I'm w/Val-I was wondering how your guest writer decided on his very narrow, very sarcastic misogynistic rant on Black women. You can't tell me said writer hasn't watched his share of Jerry Springer and Maury shows where Black men too act a fool.

And to end the post by using an "Aw shucks, I'm just being sarcastic" wink is too pompous for words.

Tell him I suggest he not quit his day job as shoe salesman at Sears. But shucks, I'm just being sarcastic.(Stomps off).

Citizen Ojo said...

Debo Blue - Glad to see you back up in the house. Interesting how this post is viewed differently by people. I can't say it's just a man vs woman thing. But interesting still. I don't think Rippa sales shoes but the thought of it does make me laugh.

internet directory said...

Hello really it ruined black history im not sure how they did this cause the internet is pure information i dont think that the information can really hurt some one .