Friday, March 21, 2008

Quote of the Week

I know that a woman president would change the course of history, too, and many might even argue that gender is far more of an albatross than race. That just hasn't been my experience. I know Gloria Steinem might not agree with my decision to be swayed by Obama's poise, intellect, beliefs and yes his color. But like my grandmother before me, I can't afford the luxury of fighting two battles when one is so clearly a matter of life and death.
- Allison Samuels


Anonymous said...

Ms. Samuels is like so many women that I am talking to lately... Particularly Black Women, who are debating whether or not to support Obama or Hillary based upon their allegiance to their gender or their race.

"Two battles" --- yet, the battle she chooses (to me) seems to be less an issue of life and death.

Race, therefore, should be her primary concern.

Anonymous said...

Is gender really an issue of life and death???

Anonymous said...

Is gender more of an issue of life and death, or is race?

I don't recall women getting killed recently for their gender... but I do recall colored people (Black Americans, Iraqi's, etc) being killed, lynched and tortured for their race.

The issue that Ms. Samuels should stand behind: race.

Therefore her candidate should be: Obama.