Sunday, August 02, 2009

Presiding over a divided nation.

After last week we can finally bury this “Post Racial” myth. The false arrest of Dr. Henry L. Gates proved that this country is more divided than ever. Black folks and white folks had the same info but came back with different conclusions. Black folks saw the false arrest of a man inside his own home. White folks saw a guy that was giving the police a hard time. Once again America was on different sides of an issue. We haven’t even discussed black folks that felt the need to defend Officer James Crowley. I’m still shaking my head on that one? Sometimes it’s just best to keep your mouth shut. The same people you step out for get missing when you are in trouble. But I digress……

Sure my views are biased. I’ve been a victim of racial profiling. I’ve been talked to with disrespect by a cop (and I knew the guy…and he was black)!!! So to me, last week was just another week in Blackness. Last week also proved that some white folks know absolutely nothing about black folks. It’s like we have been living on different planets all these years. We also learned that President Obama can’t speak on issues of race. Obama can’t talk about any other issues that will make white folks uncomfortable. As long as he is President he will have to appease the “Mainstream.” Glenn Beck said Obama had deep seeded hatred towards “the white culture.” Really??? Obama's mother is white along with half his family but he's racist? Obama’s family is as mixed as a bag of Trail Mix. Have you seen the man’s inner circle for crying out loud? Sure he’s got some black women riding with him but it’s still a lot of white men hanging around. I believe America's divisions run too deep for us to come together. So Obama should get back to the Economy and Healthcare. He should keep the heat on these terrorists. He also should concentrate on fixing America’s Transportation system. But under no cirmcumstances does he need to give his opinion on race.

It’s obvious that America isn't ready for a real dialogue on race. And I’m sure that Obama wants to move toward racial healing, but we won’t let him. You know the funny thing about all this? Finally we have a President that wants to bring America together. He can’t and it’s not even his fault. It’s ours.


lincolnperry said...

Repeat after me WHITE PRIVILEDGE, will always distract White Americans from the true!

So they aren't really trying to engage in a honest dialogue!

uglyblackjohn said...

I think it's the lack of personal relationships with people of other races.

When in Cali. - my mixed group (Asian, Hispanic, Black and white) argue over racial issues all the time.
We don't get mad at each other - we respect each other's point's of view because we've deveoped a respect for each other.
But the conversations do get heated.

I think the inability to just be honest with each other is the key and then to accept that another's views are based on THEIR experinces.

Citizen Ojo said...

LincolnPerry - that pesky white privilege sneaking up on us again.. Seriously though, you add in White Privilege and Black Anger and we have what we have right now. Sure they don't want to talk and we do but we got a chip on our shoulder. I think that scares them. So will we ever get over this?

Uglyblackjohn - Honesty is the key but I would hope that during the conversation some folks would be moved and change some of their opinions.

uglyblackjohn said...

Usually not at first.
But over time they (we) begin to notice things from a more broad perspective.
The change may not be immediate - but it IS lasting.

KST said...

^ Depends on what the opinions and worldviews are. That said, I agree with UBJ (I kinda like that acronym) that having personal relationships with other races is the key.

I dated a white guy and he had a lot of low level preconceived ideas about race. He thought black were too sensitive regarding race. It wasn't until he went with me to buy a car that he understood what it was like to have people make assumptions about you based on race and gender. After that experience, his eyes were wide open.

Invisible Woman said...

Amen. I hear you Ojo, for real. But I don't think Obama should completely give up...just wait a while. The ignorance in this country is so intense, it's f*cking unbelievable...but people obviously want change, or he wouldn't be in office, but a lot of those same folks need it fed to them in very small doses.

I agree, though, he should focus on our myriad of financial and medical issues first, then circle back. Rome wasn't built in a day, but I love him for trying.

Citizen Ojo said...

KST - It's sad that your friend had to walk in your shoes to get that. How many people of other races are willing to do that?

Invisible Woman - The verdict is still out on the people wanting change. Just as people voted for Obama because they wanted something new. People didn't vote for him because he was black. People still go against their own best intrest in this country because they are prejudice. I don't know if anyone can change that. Glad to see you are positive, maybe some of that will rub off on me...MAYBE. ha ha