Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sarah Palin's delusion of Popularity.

It’s easy to talk trash on the side lines. But playing in the game is a whole different story. Sarah Palin is going to find this out real quick if she decides to run for president. I thought she was just playing around but it appears that she is really thinking about it. The great thing about this country is that anyone can run for president (if they have enough money). The bad thing about this country is that anyone can run for president. Yes!!! Sarah Palin, I’m talking about you!! Palin has mistaken her celebrity popularity as thumbs up for running for the highest office in the land. Just because you have a fan club doesn’t mean that people like you. It only means that some people like you. This is the part that confuses a lot of pseudo celebrities (Palin and everyone that has a show on VH1 and MTV). People like you on TV but they don’t want you in public office. Not one political party has ever approached Snooki about running for office. Although she seems like a nice girl, I don’t think anyone can imagine her as a congresswoman. When Palin was a Governor from that state up north somewhere, she was credible (using this term loosely). She quit before her term ended and gave the most confusing reason for doing such. But after you saw how her career picked up, you finally realized why she left. She likes the spot light. She wants to be seen and heard. Sort of a like a child that wants the attention of their parents. She is riding high on a wave of popularity that only seems to be getting bigger. So I guess the next step would be to run for president (or become an astronaut).

But before her fans get too excited, we need to get real about this whole twisted proposition. First of all I believe in giving blame where blame is due.
Senator John McCain created Frankenstein’s Monster and now we have to live with it. Okay now back to the rest of this post…….

Palin has two big problems that are glaring to anyone that wants to notice.

Some Republican’s don’t like her. I’m not talking about the “Blue Collar” Republicans. I’m talking about the “Intellectual” Republicans. The intellectual ones have advanced degrees and make really good money. They know that Obama really isn’t all those things they say he is. But they love stirring up the blue collar ones to go after Obama. They are the real thinkers in the party. And they are strategic in everything that they say and do. Does any of that sound like Sarah “off the cuff” Palin? PROBLEM #1

How is she going to appeal to Black Folks!! Young Folks!! Latinos!! and Moderates!! She can’t!!! It would be mission impossible for her. She has spent the last 3 years bad mouthing President Obama and his wife to anyone that will listen. That’s not going to sit well with many black folks. I’ve never seen her say anything about Latinos that didn’t involve the words: Border and Secure. And young people and independents?? No comment!! Folks are pissed off that her non-limber daughter is winning a television dance competition. PROMBLEM #2

Side Note: I don’t watch the show because I’ve always thought it was wack but how did she beat Ray J’s sister in a dance off??

If people don’t want your daughter winning on a television show, what does that say about you? Palin has to win over a lot of people and I don’t think she can do it. America is changing. In case you haven’t notice, the country is getting beiger (i.e. interracial relationships and Latinos). She is not going to be able to win people over with divisive rhetoric. And she damn sure won’t be able to keep ducking the media (anyone but Fox News). She doesn’t like answering questions on what she reads but she writes books?!? Really People?!?! The job is called The President of the “United States.” Not the President of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”


uglyblackjohn said...

A lot of pretenders imagine themselves as viable candidates.
Jesse had little support ouside of those who attended his rallies.
Perot could not get enough votes either.
The President IS usually chosen from the limited pool of contenders you mention.
The Koch Bros. or Soros - does it really even matter?

Citizen Ojo said...

uglyblackjohn - It seems that this year there are more pretenders than contenders but maybe that is my imagination. I still don't belive that Rev. Jackson, and Rev. Sharpton were running to win. I think they wanted to prove a point. Introduce a new element into the race to have folks talking about the poor and disadvantaged. But maybe in Jackson case it was a belief that he could win. This Koch Bros and Soros thing is interesting. Rich folks battling to move pieces on the chess board...ha ha ha